The technology and idea behind the wireless access point concept have changed considerably over the past few years. It is no longer a solution that comes with a clunky and difficult-to-operate system! On the contrary, the wireless access points are now user-friendly that anyone can install and maintain without experts’ help.

However, companies are always trying to upgrade or improve the internal networking system, and for that reason, the wireless access point is gaining popularity fast! The wireless access points can be accessed by many users directly multiple times a day and get a variety of devices compared to other pre-existing equipment.

So, if you plan to put together a buy-list of the best wireless access points, you should be looking for some features, which we will discuss in this article.

But first, let us talk about the best wireless access point that can suit your requirement, irrespective of the size network you need to support.

We are talking about the cloud-managed flexible access points and the pioneer in this exciting new concept – EnGenius!

Cloud-managed wireless access points

As mentioned earlier, cloud-managed flexible access points are the best choice for the present. We can all agree that businesses’ dynamic nature, the challenges of connectivity, and the need to be reachable or to reach anyone anytime require wireless access points that are more than any conventional access points.

The cloud-managed access points of EnGenius are better, improved, and innovative comparatively; here’s how –

Simple and user-friendly – The EnGenious cloud-managed wireless access points come with the pre-configuration ability and easy-to-deploy designs. Further, these cloud-managed wireless access points start functioning in minutes! Businesses with limited I.T. capability and budgets will now be able to create a reliable, easy-to-use network and managed it efficiently.

Smart solutions – The EnGenious cloud-managed wireless access points use predictive A.I. and data collection from its access points to improve network performance and reduce other issues.

Reliable and trustworthy – EnGenius has decades of experience and expertise in software development and manufacturing. They are also a leading name in manufacturing processes that are known for their line of reliable hardware. EnGenius also offers a factory warranty of two years on almost all products.

Safe and secure – Your business will always be safe and secure with EnGenious’s 2-factor authentication & data encryption on all Cloud devices. Further, this will also reduce every potential issue by creating event-based and trigger push notifications through the EnGenious Cloud application.

Your one-stop solution

We at Cosmic Tech are driven by innovation and technology that can take businesses to newer heights. When it comes to wireless access points solutions, we provide an all-around solution that just conventional options.

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