In order to ensure the performance of your IT assets while keeping budget under control, evolutionary renting is the most flexible and cost-effective solution. After all, why purchase at full price equipment that will be outdated in a matter of years?

IT equipment Leasing allows you to reserve your cash and borrowing power for operating expenses and other more intangible costs of doing business. It also allows companies to manage their cash flows. Payments can be done monthly, quarterly or yearly. If a lease agreement is structured well the cost of acquiring the IT equipment rental is much lesser than owning it by outright purchase. Also, the residual issue and scrap management also becomes easy with IT hardware leasing.

Leasing also provides tax and accounting benefits by allowing deductions under the head ‘operating lease’ and improving financial ratios.


·         A detailed list of various configurations of laptops (available in all major brands)

·         Computer rental and computer leasing at best rate

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Benefits of evolutionary renting:

  • The way forward: Benefit from high-performance equipment at all times. You have better control over the obsolescence of your technological equipment and thus gain in competitiveness. Furthermore, renting ensures the homogeneity of the fleet, as it reduces communication flaws between equipment, breakdowns, bad practices and simplifies fleet management

  • Better Rates: Renting gives you the freedom of negotiation by integrating hardware, software and related services

  • Maintain your investment capacity: The value of technology assets is decreasing very rapidly. It is therefore better to keep your own funds to finance the development of your company.

  • Life Cycle: When you lease equipment, you manage the end-of-life of your equipment. Your leasing partner collects the equipment at the end of the rental period. The leasing partner is responsible for recycling of the equipment in accordance with WEEE directives and manages the secure deletion of data in accordance with the new GDPR requirements.

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