Everyday frauds and spam are updated to reflect how the world, as well as ourselves, is changing. We go to great lengths to protect our bank accounts, personal property, and expensive goods, but how many of us consider protecting our emails?

When email was first developed, it was never intended to be the most secure communication. Spams, phishing emails, and unsafe links are constantly available to tempt us into sending our emailsith sensitive information. But do we consider email security or take any appropriate action in this regard?

Now, why should you be worried about spam emails being sent to you? Although you may believe that the world is secure enough, these spam emails have the potential to infiltrate it and introduce malware that we do not need.

Everyone is aware of phishing, right? Let me explain. Suppose you receive an email from a reputable financial firm warning you that your account may be compromised or blocked if you do not complete the form or click the link. You had no idea that it actually worked the other way around.

Here, we will not just discuss issues; we’ll also discuss potential solutions. Let me offer some practical advice that you may use on a daily basis to protect your emails.

1. Make use of a private email service
2. Disable tracking pixels and spies
3. Don’t let an app watch your email in every way while it’s downloading.
4. Always use a strong password and change it periodically.
5. Recognize phishing frauds and avoid them.
6. Activate two-way authentication for your email account.
7. Block questionable and unsolicited senders
8. Use caution when generating the email address and password; avoid using your own information.
9. Before downloading, always check and scan email attachments.
10. Continue to check and update your malware protection.

Benefits of Choosing a Managed IT Service Provider

Outsourcing IT-related activities has become the standard and economic practice for organizations worldwide. We have compiled a few key benefits of choosing managed IT services.

The best email security service is now available, and you should use it if you want to be hassle-free and protected from scammers.

Checkpoint – as the name implies, it will function as a one-stop checkpoint, safeguard against any email spamming you can imagine, and maintain order throughout.

The first unified security solution for users’ devices and access is Checkpoint Harmony.

It ensures zero-trust access to business applications while defending against the most sophisticated assaults on devices and internet connections.

For its remote users, Checkpoint Harmony is an endpoint solution that offers the highest level of security.

Your company’s attack surface is growing as remote users can access your corporate apps from any location.

It serves as total defence for Cloud Email and productivity, guarding you against:

1. Sophisticated social engineering attacks
2. Blocking malicious attachments before it reaches out to the users
3. Advance Data Leaking protection
4. Advanced account takeover attacks
5. Bulletproof security catches

What is the best email security that you can think of? The first unified security solution for users, devices, and access is Check Point Harmony. It ensures zero-trust access to business applications while defending against the most sophisticated assaults on devices and internet connections.

Relying on your built-in security could expose your company to cyber criminals who frequently take advantage of the number one attack vector: taking advantage of human nature and lax security. Almost 90% of assaults on enterprises begin with a malicious email, and with the rise of remote work, it is increasing day by day.

If you are still unsure about where to start your email security journey, please visit Checkpoint and find out the secure world that they are offering to us with open arms.