With recent advancements in video & audio conferencing, people worldwide have started to rely more on video and audio conferencing. Imagine if you want to bring your office teams together or to meet clients or connect with your family members; you can always choose Cosmic Tech! We have every latest Microsoft Teams device for video conferencing and audio conference system.

Are you thinking about choosing the ideal one from the wide range of Microsoft Teams video & audio conference systems?

Relax! This post is for you that will help you understand how to choose the best conference for business & home. But let us briefly re-visit the basics.

Audio & video conference system

A video conferencing system lets you meet, collaborate, and connect with multiple people via a high-definition video and audio feed.

The best part of a video conferencing system is that you can access it from various places just with the help of an internet-connected device that has both audio and video feature.

Microsoft Teams audio & video conferencing system

Cosmic Tech have the latest and most trusted audio & video conferencing system that will not just offer you the best experience but also fit your budget easily!

There are few devices for video conferencing that you can scale up your meetings across numerous organizations or departments, take your own time to review, add/remove members, and confirm the environment.

All these features will make sure that you provide all the participants the best experience. Read our other posts to know more about the Microsoft Teams video conferencing systems and their awesome features.

But now, let us go back to the main topic – how to choose the best Microsoft Teams video and audio conferencing system.

Choosing the right one!

Before we begin, let’s understand your need. For instance, if you manage a large company and might reel in dozens of employees at once, you may consider a Microsoft Teams video and audio conferencing system that come with advanced features and capabilities.

On the other hand, if you need the best home video conferencing equipment, you might need a system that is basic or maybe a little above basic. Let us look at these points separately –

Participants – You need to have an idea about the number of participants in your meetings. You might not need a device for video conferencing that is specialized in connecting a large number of users.

Audio and video feed – There are Microsoft Teams video conference call types of equipment that lets you host thousands of users at a time, as well as those that are just perfect for smaller groups. You can choose any of these depending on your requirement and be assured that the video quality will top-notch, irrespective of product capabilities.

Ease of use – There are systems available today that people still struggle with for basic functions, like turning video feeds, mic, screen sharing, etc., on or off! Thankfully, Microsoft Teams devices, including the Microsoft Skype for business are easy to use.

Mobile experience – The main idea behind any video and audio conferences is to connect with people remotely. Therefore, you need a video conferencing system that is compatible with any kind of internet-connected device, be it a tablet or a smartphone.

Customer support – Never overlook the customer service of the company! We can proudly say that the customer service of Microsoft Teams is available 24/7 and seven days a week. Therefore, whenever you need any assistance, the experts will be just on the other side of the call.


Cosmic Tech offers the best audio and video conferencing solutions. With our expertise and experience of more than 20 years, we can guarantee you that we can understand your requirement and get you the perfect device.

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