Since the advent of the pandemic, video conferencing has been the prime method of communication that enabled business continuity and seamless functioning.

In this technologically agile era, it is imperative for every business to enhance its communication infrastructure by equipping it with a robust device for video conferencing. We have compiled the best video conferencing devices from Yealink that can improve and expedite your communication methods!

With an array of video and audio devices, Yealink has established itself as a leading player in the communication sector. What makes their devices ideal for businesses of varied domains is their clever integration with some of the popular software applications such as Microsoft Teams and Skype.

Yealink MVC500 II

One of the most important devices for a well-equipped conference room is an audio/video conferencing device. Especially, companies that operate in multiple countries require an agile system to connect and communicate effectively. However, it is essential to choose the right device for the conference room to enable maximum communication efficiency. Yealink MVC500 II is the right choice for small conference rooms, where 5 – 6 people can convene comfortably and connect seamlessly. The device bundle includes:

1. Two CPW90 wireless microphones
2. a UVC50 USB PTZ camera
3. Mtouch II
4. MCore mini-PC

The device is easily deployable and can be connected instantly, thereby saving time and improving team efficiency.

Yealink MVC900 II

A common problem that most companies face while conferencing with a bigger crowd is the diminished audience visibility and poor device connectivity. Organisations that convene for a bigger event require a specialised audio/video set-up that enables smooth communication between the convening groups. Yealink MVC900 II is the ideal video conference call equipment For huge rooms and wider space. The device bundle includes:

1. MTouch II and MCore mini-PC
2. Two UVC80 USB PTZ cameras
3. Camera-Hub
It also provides an ergonomic solution for multiple cameras, which ensures that the whole room is connected and visible for the meeting. The state-of-the-art design of the device ensures that the video conferencing goes smoothly and connects effectively via Microsoft Teams or Skype.

Yealink VP59

Not all meetings require the presence of the entire team. It is quite wasteful to use a comprehensive video conferencing system to connect for a brief or one-on-one meeting. Yealink VP59 offers an ingenious solution for this hurdle. The device that encompasses a Multi-Touch screen and a desk phone, simplifies huddle meetings. The device comes with an Android OS and HD audio system.

Yealink VC210

Got a mini-meeting with 3 or 4 members? Yealink VC210 is the right choice for you! With a highly integrated collaboration bar, the device can be easily mounted and deployed for action instantly. Ideal for huddle spaces, the device enables connecting and communicating seamlessly.

The importance of video conferencing devices rose in the past few months. Yealink’s devices operate exceptionally and render an exemplary meeting experience. Equip your meeting rooms with one of the best and leading video conferencing devices in the industry!

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