Much like electricity and water, WiFi is a necessity today. Today individuals and companies are becoming increasingly dependent on WiFi for their productivity and being efficient. With more and more applications moving towards the cloud, when the WiFi goes down, business functionality goes down with it.

WiFi as a Service is a subscription-based service constituting three key elements: infrastructure, software, and managed services.

Infrastructure – This includes all hardware and equipment, from access points to firewalls, and even your ISP if required.

Software – This includes centrally managed network with real-time visibility, business intelligence options, location-services and reporting.

Managed Services – 24/7 remote monitoring and troubleshooting of configuration issues, executive dashboards with weekly/monthly reporting.

Benefits of WiFi as a Service:

  • Cost: Purchasing the infrastructure and software for an enterprise-grade wireless network be a huge capital expense, not to mention the ongoing costs associated with hiring highly specialized and skilled engineers to maintain everything after it’s been deployed. But with WaaS, companies can purchase only what they need without having to compromise on performance/scope

  • Life Cycle: Wireless networks start to become obsolete after just three years. At that point, organizations look at a totally new WiFi design and new infrastructure and this can be very costly. With WiFi as a Service, companies can easily upgrade alongside the technology as it changes so that, they always have the latest system in place.

  • Expert Team: Wireless is a highly specialized skill-set. Enterprises cannot always have IT department that has all training and experience necessary to deploy and maintain large-scale wireless networks. At cosmic tech we have experts who have the experience, knowledge and training to handle any arising complex situations

  • Security: Today network security is needs a different approach. In general, a lot of the devices accessing network of companies will not be owned by the business, but it is still important to know who is accessing the company’s network and what they are using it for. With a subscription, your network will always have the latest wireless security infrastructure and best practices in place to keep up with changing threats.

With an expert company like CosmicTech your company gets access to all the technical expertise required not just for designing and deploying your wireless network, but also for securing, monitoring, and updating it on an ongoing basis.