Try the VoIP conference phones of Yealink to see the real difference in conference calls and business meetings. One has to simply agree that Yealink is the foremost best ip phone provider in the market due the wonderful features of the phones. Conference phones are the most important part of any business meeting and these phones indeed make the office communication simpler.

Let us look at the wonderful aspects of the best ip phones for business of Yealink which can really take any business to a great level. These phones augment the productivity level of businesses in every way possible.

Yealink CP960 with 3 built-in microphones, 6m microphone pickup range and 7cm android touch screen makes it ideal for conference calls conducted in all large sized rooms. This phone would be the best when considering the modern day agility of most of the businesses into consideration. It has 20-foot 360-degree dead-zone-free pickup. Another innovative feature of the phone is when up to 5 parties are joined in the meeting through CP960 the caller information is very well displayed on the screen in order to prevent distraction.

Yealink CP960-wireless mic with HD audio and 12.7 cm touch screen would be the best to manage the call needs of a company. Its android system makes it easier for setting up instant conference calls. It is time saving in creating conference calls as the phone comes with all the best features. For example, automatic muting, noise proof to eliminate unnecessary disturbances during the conference call and the structure which makes it ideal for a large conference room prove that the phone is a boon for today’s modern type businesses.

CP930W-Base is preferred for any kind of business environment as it is a wireless DECT conference phone with significant mobility. The security and versatility of DECT adds to its special features. The quality audio sound boosts the quality of the conference call in every way. It can also leverage SIP-based IP PBX.

Yealink is surely the most sought after audio conference device in recent days. Yealink strives to fulfill customer needs as today’s businesses demand innovative working solutions.