You can run a small, medium, or even a big-sized company; you will need a sound IT infrastructure or service provider.

Although it’s an obvious fact, it is always good to know that choosing an ideal It infrastructure provider is undoubtedly a huge decision you will make. Cosmic Tech is a trustworthy and innovative IT infrastructure provider and managed service provider.

What makes us different is our honest and constant effort to add more value to our services that help businesses function seamlessly and achieve new heights.

Who we are

We are your one-stop IT infrastructure and solution provider who have been helping companies dedicatedly for more than 20 years. Our team of experts aligns smart strategies and the latest technologies to your company’s goals.

Cosmic Tech doesn’t just work for our customers; we become a part of their vision and ensure that we deliver the best solutions. Cosmic Tech’s team of experts with knowledge and experience lets us understand any business need and offer the best IT solution at the best possible price.

Simple to complex – your one-stop solution

Cosmic Tech offers innovative and advanced solutions from simple to complex business structures, which lets our clients harness every IT capability to stay ahead in this competitive age.

Our IT services and technologies include all functions and technologies – managed equipment, technology infrastructure leasing and services, systems integration, video, and audio conferencing solutions, Wi-Fi as a service, infrastructure optimization, software solutions, and many more.

Our promise

Cosmic Tech offers much more than any conventional IT Infrastructure solution & managed service provider. We promise –

1. End to end assistance and expertise
2. Before-time delivery and solutions
3. Proven and tested skills
4. Over 20 years of experience and expertise
5. A committed and dedicated, responsive team of experts to every client
6. Strong and reliable client relationship

We answer your issues

Any company would consider few essential factors in the IT infrastructure decision process that will ultimately affect a company’s goals. The following questions are the most common kind of problems that can determine any company’s requirements –

1. Risks: What kind of risks can you anticipate associated with your company’s infrastructure?

2. Features: What features you expect from the new computing environment that can improve your business departments’ functions, processes, management, and the customers’ experience?

3. Manageability: Are you looking forward to having full control and management of the IT infrastructure or delegating responsibilities to an external team?

4. Ownership: Are you looking to have full ownership of the IT infrastructure or just pay for subscriptions?

This is where Cosmic Tech comes in with an intelligent and permanent solution.

Contact us

You can visit us in our offices in various locations across the country – Delhi, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore, and Hyderabad. We offer solutions that include Managed Service Provider, video conferencing systems for business, best home video conferencing equipment, audio conference device, SIP Phones, IP Phone, Wireless Access Point, and more.

We guarantee the best solutions to all your IT needs with our team of experts, decades of experience, and outstanding logistic capabilities to improve distribution and services.

Contact us today for a free consultation.